Welcome to CLOUD auction
Disabling Your CLOUD Account:

Your account may be disabled due to one or more of the following reasons:

Duplicate CLOUD accounts

Non-payment of an invoice

Inappropriate treatment of auctioneer or sellers

Giving FAKE phone no and email address

CLOUD Terms of Sale:
  1. The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item is being bid on. If the Bidder is unsure, they should inquire or not bid. When becoming the winning Bidder at auction, you have affected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful Bidder. Auctioneer will not honor a mistake.
  2. The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increment he feels is in the best interest of his client, the Seller. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments he feels is not in the best interest of the Seller.
  3. All auction items is sold AS-IS Where-Is, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. It is the Bidders responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. Every effort will be made to ensure that each item stays in the same condition that it was photographed in also its recommended that bidder must connect with CLOUD official YouTube channel to verify the video of items he/she willing to bid.
EMAIL Responsibility:

In order to register to bid in any online auction, you must have a valid email address. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your particular server accepts emails from our server. We use email as our primary method of communication and you will not receive any other method of bidding, registering, or invoice confirmation from CA, so make sure your emails are working. ALWAYS contact us if you are not receiving proper emails from us.

CLOUD auction Policy:
  1. The closing time of the auction will be listed within the auction information page of our website. Once bidding closes, items you have won become your responsibility.
  2. Our auctions feature EXTENDED BIDDING. If a bid is placed on a pigeon within the last TEN minutes of the auction, bidding will extend on that pigeon for TEN minutes past the closing time. Auction will remain open until there are no bids on that item during the extended time period(s). Any pigeon not bid on in the last TEN minutes will close as scheduled.
  3. CLOUD auctions offer MAXIMUM BIDDING. This means that you can place a higher bid than the next “Asking Bid”. You may place a max bid at any time by simply entering the highest number you want to bid. When you place a MAX BID, the current bid price will only go to the next increment, or one increment over someone else’s max bid if one has been placed. CA system will bid for you in the predetermined auction increments up to your highest amount entered only if someone else bids against you to raise your bid to that amount.
  4. When someone has already entered a MAX BID on an item you are bidding on, the system will automatically bid for you until you are the current high Bidder or you reach your MAX BID. If you have reached your MAX BID and are still not the current high Bidder, the system will give you the opportunity to enter another MAX BID.
  5. Bids will be placed in the order that they are received. If TWO buyers enter a BID of the same amount, the buyer who entered his/her BID FIRST will be recognized as the high bidder at that price. If you bid a certain amount and see that the bid is indeed that amount, but you are not the ‘High Bidder’, that means that someone else placed a max bid of that amount, and therefore their bid was placed into the system ahead of yours. 
  6. Buyers will receive outbid notices via email for the entire duration of the auction.
  7. Become a RESPONSIBLE Bidder, YOU know if you are bidding on an item, when the auction ends. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check back to the website to know if you won the item or not. 
CLOUD auction General Information:

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they are a legal binding contract between you (the Bidder) and ‘CLOUD auction’. To register and bid in CLOUD auction you must agree to these terms and are bound by them as a bidder.

  1. All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the condition of the items, based on photos, videos and descriptions, and bid accordingly.
  2. Once you place and confirm a bid through our bidding platform, you cannot remove or lower a bid. No bids will be removed once they have been placed.
  3. Due diligence is the responsibility of you (the Bidder). All sales are final. When the bidding ends on our website and you are the high bidder, you then assume complete responsibility for care of each purchase at time of sale.
  4. CA reserve the right to refuse service to anyone bidding, buying, selling.
  5. The auctioneer reserves the right to add or remove items from the auction; add minimum bids or reserve prices. The auctioneer reserves the right to cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule an individual item and or auction event or to make changes to the auction closing times or inspection or removal times.